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Automatic Driving Lessons

Paul O’Halloran is a Road Safety Authority (RSA) approved driving instructor operating in Cork City and suburbs.
The Essential Driver Training course (EDT) which consists of 12 driving lessons can be done in my dual-controlled automatic transmission car or in your own car. The dual-controlled car is also available for pretest driving lessons and practise driving lessons.

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As someone who did not have much experience driving in Cork, I booked a pretest with Paul to get familiar with the roads and the test. Paul covered everything on the test and gave me valuable tips on how I could improve. I am very grateful for all the guidance and could not recommend him more if your test is coming up. I can say honestly that I would not have passed first time without this pretest.

Jack Murray

After failing my test twice I stumbled across Paul’s website and organised a pretest with him before my third test. It was a game changer for me as he looked at my list of faults and was able to guide me on where I was going wrong on my previous tests. He made me feel more confident driving and really calmed my nerves before my test! I wouldn’t have passed my third test without his guidance! I highly recommend Paul as a driving instructor.

Hailey O’Sullivan

Paul was recommended to me by a friend. Having failed my first test I was lacking experience in certain areas and he identified where I needed to improve within the first lesson. He was very clear with his instructions and I learned a lot from my time with him. In addition to improving my driving he also made me very confident in the car. He made the stressful lead up to my test a very enjoyable process.

Chris Lowry

I went out for my pretest with Paul and he really gave me the confidence I needed to go and pass the driving test the first time. Without his help and guidance I wouldn’t have been able to pass the test. I would highly recommend Paul as a driving instructor and I am incredibly grateful for the advice he gave me.

Emma Ricken

The pretest lesson gave me a clear idea of what to expect in the driving test and eliminated any surprises on the day of my test. Paul had excellent and simple tips to fix faults in my driving. Paul’s calm and friendly manner gave me great confidence going in to my test and I really recommend him as an instructor for anyone preparing to take their driving test.

Niamh Kelly

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After learning to drive for 2 years on and off and several instructors later, I stumbled upon Paul’s number. With just a week before my test I did a 2 hour pretest lesson and learned more with him than I learned in months. Paul couldn’t be clearer and put you at more ease while driving. I couldn’t recommend him more if you want to pass.

Ben Spillane

After not feeling confident enough after my 12 EDT lessons I contacted Paul for pretest lessons. He was very accommodating and I was given more knowledge in my two lessons with him than in my 12 lessons beforehand. He was calm throughout and explained everything that I did wrong and I felt I learned more the way he teaches. I passed first time because of him and I would definitely  recommend him for anyone doing their driving test.

Ruth O’Sullivan

My driving lessons with Paul were excellent. He was so friendly and knows everything there is to know about passing your driving test. He made my driving lessons enjoyable rather than something I dreaded. Paul definitely was the main factor in getting me over the line and passing my driving test.

Anna Lucey

I thought the pretest really helped me and I found that it calmed my nerves an awful lot. I felt a lot more prepared and you gave me a lot of confidence and pointers to help me pass first time. I would definitely without doubt recommend you to any of my friends.

Katie Briggs

It was a pleasure to take pretest lessons with Paul. He is a great instructor, professional, patient, accurate, organised and very friendly. Paul comfortably managed to correct my mistakes in detail yet at the same time giving me the confidence I needed. Passed my exam first time. Highly recommended.

Luke Murphy

Paul was an excellent instructor who was very attentive and patient during my lessons. He could quickly identify any incorrect driving techniques and explain quite clearly what the driving test will require. I would highly recommend Paul for learning to drive and pretest lessons.

Stuart Forsythe

My driving experience with Paul was pleasant and enjoyable. Paul made me feel at ease throughout my driving lessons due to his patience, knowledge and experience. He is an excellent driving instructor and I couldn’t recommend him enough. I passed my driving test on the first go.

Louise O’Sullivan

My experience with Paul was very pleasant. He was very helpful and patient. He made me feel at ease in the car and as a result I passed my test first time. I would highly recommend Paul as a driving instructor.

Molly Long

My lessons with Paul have absolutely improved every aspect of my driving including many things that I never anticipated would help me drive even more safely on the road. I passed my test the first time.

Ian O’Shea


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